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February 23 2018

Acquired these for front door replacements for my 2009 Kia Spectra. The joindre brackets that came with the speakers did not fit my car. I actually had to acquire Scosche SAKA656 2005-Up Kia Spectra Entrance Speaker Adapter, but I did so my research and purchased them at the same time. These speakers actually did not fit that adapter, I had to use my soldering flat iron to put pilot slots in the plastic. With the Scosche adapter, the speakers fit perfectly, I used to be able to re-use the wire harness from the stock speakers and solder on the wire to the speakers. In problem, I wired one audio backwards and they were out of phase. We didn't realize it at first and believed it to be just scheduled to my stock music. I googled somewhat and found this MP3 [... ], which made it clear they were out of phase. When I wired correctly, the difference was slight, but enough to know a big difference in the bottom end. The speaker grill that is included with these is obviously not needed, and probably more than likely fit behind the door panels of my car. These are probably way underpowered, as I may have an amp, nonetheless they sound great and is actually a huge improvement over my stock speakers. Just read was an amazing value.

In the event that you have a 2004 and up Kia Spectra (or similar), you may easily install these yourself, this is how I removed the door panels: There is one plastic anchor located on the upper inside (closest to car if door is open), use a philips and press the center part in and it will start up. There is a little cover located behind the door handle, pop that out with the tiniest toned head you will find, there are two philips brain behind that. Pop off the arm rest area of the door panel, carefully pry up until you can make your fingers under it and pull directly up with a lttle bit of force. Two philips mind are found here. You will discover two more hidden philips heads, one upper outside the house, one lower outside, start up the inner group of friends only. Once all these screws are out, you have to start up the door anchors from the frame. Pry the outside trim carefully, then start pulling towards you until you hear it pop out. Do this all the way surrounding the panel. Once it's free, pull straight up and wiggle out of place. Then disconnect the cable harnesses inside and most likely done. To re-install, start by putting the top in first, making sure to find the steel guides in behind the metal door frame. this site

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